For Dealers and Aftermarket Agents alike, this program is a one stop shop for tracking and analyzing aftermarket sales at the dealership. This amazing program allows the dealership to store every turn made to the Aftermarket Department, whether it resulted in a sale or not. From these stored transactions, the dealership gains valuable information regarding the performance level, effectiveness, and efficiency of their Aftermarket Endeavors.

Some of the valuable data CARS stores is:

  • Customer name and contact information, including email
  • Vehicle makes and models
  • Make and model specific colors and color codes for easy color matching
  • Helpful vehicle specs including trim, vehicle type, drive, bed and cab sizes
  • Salesperson making the sale, including split sales capabilities
  • Each accessory sold including its cost, pricing and profit information, regardless of vendor
  • Vendors and their accessory line, including cost, pricing and profit template capabilities
  • Aftemarket Manager taking the turn
  • Important turn information, including turn date, turn time and vehicle sale date
  • Multiple vehicle sales and accessory sales per customer

Some of the actionable reports available in CARS are:

  • Profit and Performance analyses to pinpoint strengths and uncover needs
  • Sales Statements
  • Spiff Tracking
  • Customers Who Did Not Buy Aftermarket reports
  • Mail merge and email merge of Customers Who Did Not Buy Aftermarket
  • Accessories Sold/li>
  • Aftemarket Manager sales summaries

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