We are proud to now offer SteriShield, our two-step vehicle process to sanitize, disinfect, and protect vehicles against viruses, including coronaviruses, bacteria, and fungi. Coupled with a guarantee of 5 years on new vehicles, and 3 years on used, you are truly protected now and into the future.

How does SteriShield protect your vehicle?

  • Step One: Sanitize and disinfect with Sani-Quat, which is EPA approved to kill the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. (EPA REG. NO. 10324-117-44956). This one time application goes on all vehicle internal surfaces as well as through the HVAC system to reach every potentially exposed surface.
  • Step Two: Apply Bac-Shield, an antimicrobial product that protects against bacteria, viruses, molds, mildews and other fungi from re-contaminating the vehicle. (EPA REG. NO. 81446-2). Bac-Shield also goes on all vehicle internal surfaces as well as through the HVAC system providing comprehensive protection
  • Antimicrobial protection is guaranteed to continue to protect your new vehicle for 5 years, and your used vehicle for 3 years, or it will be reapplied free of charge.

What vehicles and surfaces benefit from SteriShield? All of them!

  • Inventory
  • Rentals/fleet/loaners
  • Courtesy shuttles
  • Schedules maintenance vehicles
  • Any and all surfaces exposed to human interaction

Interested in how these products work?

  • This video shows Delta Airlines discussing the sanitization/disinfection of their airplanes using Sani-Quat.
  • This video demonstrates how Bac-Shield protects against microbes.


Call us today and  gain peace of mind for your clients and your dealership with SteriShield!