Whether your dealership is looking to create an Aftermarket Department, enhance an existing department or just add some high-value/high-profit products, Automotive Aftermarket Services will customize a system designed to increase both gross profit and customer satisfaction.

Although customers often focus on tangible aftermarket products that enhance the appearance of their automobile, when investment protection products are properly presented, the customer understands the peace-of-mind and long-term benefits these products provide. Consequently, the customer believes the dealer’s concern is the customer’s satisfaction. Customer confidence in the dealer translates to confidence in the investment. Customer confidence in the investment translates to higher CSI and increased sales and service revenue.

In addition to the array of products geared towards your customer’s peace-of-mind, your program is created from a customized combination of the services and benefits listed below.


Your tailored program begins with setup and implementation of the solutions determined by the needs analysis. Setup services can include any or all of the following:

  • Installation and support of a dedicated Aftermarket Department, including computer technology.
  • Individualized PowerPoint presentation introducing the dealership, its services, key personnel, the importance of the upcoming survey, and investment protection products offered.
  • Provide dealer with all products, warranties and promotional material needed
  • Access to our proprietary Aftermarket sales tracking system – Computerized Aftermarket Retail System (CARS). This comprehensive software allows you to easily obtain reports showing:
    • Aftermarket Productivity
    • Salesperson Turn Ratio to Aftermarket
    • Average Profit per Turn
    • Income Lost by not turning to Aftermarket
    • and many more…


Automotive Aftermarket Services not only provides initial one-on-one training to equip your Aftermarket Department with all the sales tools needed, we continually train existing and new personnel as necessary. At no extra charge! Where else do you find that kind of commitment?


As one of our valued dealers, free technical support is available for all products, PowerPoint presentation and CARS software. Additionally, your program is continually monitored and assessed for any modifications necessary to maintain maximum profitability. Again, all these services are provided to you at no extra charge – because your business is truly our business.

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