logo-autoshieldProtect the inside.

Don’t you just love how your new vehicle looks inside? With AutoShield, you can keep that new car look longer. Autoshield deeply penetrates, seals and protects your vehicle’s seats and carpet from stains caused by normal use including food and beverages. Your vehicle’s interior will be more durable and will look newer longer.

AutoShield comes with a five-year transferable warranty on interior fabric, leather and vinyl that guarantees against stains, fading and discoloration.

Protect the outside.

Remember what your new vehicle looked like on the showroom floor? You can enjoy that look longer with AutoShield exterior protection. AutoShield forms a high luster barrier that protects against nature’s harshest elements that cause fading, chalking and loss of gloss.

So when your vehicle is exposed to the blazing sun, bird droppings, tree sap—even acid rain, it can look new for years without waxing. AutoShield comes with a five-year transferable warranty that guarantees against fading, loss of gloss and even environmental damage on all your painted surfaces.

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