logo-ownershieldIs your vehicle next?

One car is stolen every 20 seconds. Next time, it could be yours. but with OwnerShield from Automotive Aftermaket Services, your vehicle could get passed over.

Permanent Protection: OwnerShield permanently marks your vehicle with its own identification or code number by etching it on all major glass parts. Let’s face it, auto thieves are lazy, so once they see that your vehicle is marked, they’ll move on to someone else’s. Why? Because OwnerShield makes reselling difficult. Auto thieves must replace all major glass to change the total identification of a vehicle before they can resell it.

No Alterations: Law enforcement authorities agree that OwnerShield glass etching is the best way to permanently identify your vehicle. It can’t be altered, erased or obscured without incurring a major expense.

Fast Recovery: If your vehicle is stolen, OwnerShield makes recovery by law enforcement agencies nationwide quicker and easier—even if the license plate or VIN plate is removed.

Money Talks: If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, OwnerShield will pay you up to $2500. Terms and conditions apply. See warranty forms for details.

Premium Discounts: Because OwnerShield is theft prevention, you could save money on your comprehensive insurance policy.

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