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Welcome to Automotive Aftermarket Services!

Since its inception, Automotive Aftermarket Services' mission is to provide automobile dealers with a comprehensive and customizable aftermarket system for maximizing profit per vehicle sold while maintaining the highest standards in customer service.

By taking you, the dealer, through a point by point analysis of your existing aftermarket processes, we are able to customize a program to increase your customer‘s satisfaction while also increasing your profit. Whether the need is small or otherwise,improving your business is our business.

Our relationship doesn’t end there, however. After your new program is in place, we remain involved throughout the life cycle, continually monitoring and making adjustments as necessary, further ensuring your satisfaction.

Why do we do all this? So you don't have to.

Now that you know a little bit about our company and our mission, please browse our aftermarket product line and, when you are ready, contact us to see what Automotive Aftermarket Services can do for you.

We’ll be here.


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